How Will The Fast Paced Development Of AI Change Design

AI has been one of the most talked about topics in the last 12 months with a seemingly unrelenting development of it taking place in all areas of society. It is now being used in everything from schoolwork to public transport and more recently in the creation of imagery. There have been big concerns raised about how AI can be used particularly regarding images and videos as ‘deep faking’ has come to prominence. Deep faking is where AI takes a person’s appearance or voice and creates an image or clip of them in a different environment or saying something that they didn’t actually say and is one of the main reasons behind the current actors strike in Hollywood. Actors aren’t happy about the potential usage of their image and voice without their permission or payment. We’ll take a look at some of the new tools on the market and how they could make life easier for a design agency Manchester.

Adobe Photoshop (Beta)

This is one of the newest AI products on the market by the godfather of design software. As we know, Photoshop is the ‘go to’ for most people in design due to its intuitive and advanced software that enables you to cut out elements of a design, add new layers to it and morph it in to exactly what you’d like. Millions of people around the world currently use Photoshop and Illustrator as a core element in their design work. The new Beta version of Photoshop has been pushed quite heavily in terms of advertising as it is probably the biggest advancement in the software in quite some time, now adding AI in to the mix. The new software enables you to simply select a portion of your image, type in what you’d like to change it to and then the software will do all of the work for you eliminating the new for things like ‘clone stamp’ and blending. This is known as ‘generative fill’ and is likely to only be the beginning of it with it still being in the beta testing phase.


In the last few years Canva has shot to prominence due to it’s ease of use and accessibility. Canva can be accessed on a browser or an app with no need to download software and automates much of the work you need to do by utilising AI to remove backgrounds of images for you. There are quite a few limitations of Canva when compared to Photoshop so if you have a branding agency Manchester then in all likelihood you won’t be using this, it is more for the individual or home user who wants to take advantage of the many templates and stock images that it comes with. Adobe have spotted the success and market share that Canva has achieved with their software and have now released a rival called ‘Adobe Express’ which is an almost carbon copy of Canva but they have incorporated some of the ‘text to image’ AI technology which Canva is yet to do.

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